Sep 22



when you sighn up for my club you can get your dailey nuber just email mr your age! the number of the day is 8! today is september 22,2007

Sep 21


  • join my club,have fun,take the poll,get gosip and sooooooooo much mor email me at

the club

okay, this club is a awsome it gives dailey news and gosip, it is easy email me at first give me name first,last and if you have one your tumblr name. you can ask me to put links and videos or requst a weekly poll. so sign up right now and gothis kool club! 

  • Sl*hottieqween*: really! your gonna add a dog quiz? thats like totally kool...
  • Pdpointdexter#3: yea you should put up a quiz that be so awsome!
  • tutufreak: well i think that that is like a really bad idea for some stupid website like this.
  • pdpointdexter#3: tutufreak this site rules so you shouldn't be talkin, if you have a site it's probibly about cows!
  • member joining chat room....
  • sl*hottieqween*: yea ya no tutufreak you really shouldn't say that cause this site is my 3rd fav.!
  • phillybirds4: hi wut r u talking bout?
  • pdpointdexter#3: tutufreak is just sayin things like how this site is dumb.
  • phillybirds4: this site isn't stupid but its not my favorite...
  • tutufreak: sorry i do take back wut i said but you guys are being the bullies now....
  • sl*hottieqween*: yea she is right
  • pdpointdexter#3: yea sorry, i gotta go
  • phillybirds4: me too
  • tutufreak: well if your going i'm going
  • sl*hottieqween*: well if you are all going i'll go to!
  • people exiting chatroom.....
  • hi everyone i might add a quizz of witch dog your mostlikey to have on so if you want one just tell me! thanks : -)!





the loveable cute and frisky pups are here! everything and anything you need to know is here! well i-myself-Sofphia a.k.a Sofphiey (sophey) has dogs! My twin Zoee and i take care of them there names are Zoe and sasha. WEll my mom got the dogs before we were born so she named one zoe. My mom thought Zoee was a good name for my sis so she was named after the dog! if you wana see any pics. of dogs i have tons!